duties of computer networking technicians

People involved in network support should also be familiar with standard network configurations like peer-to-peer and client-server hookups.

The gig economy is a relatively small but ever-growing way of earning money. In the USA, there are approximately 1.6 million gig economy workers - this makes up under 1% of the US working population. With more and more companies employing this model as their primary functioning mode, the gig economy is becoming a livelihood for more and more people around the world.

What Is The Gig Economy?
The gig economy refers to workers who rely on freelance contracts and one-off jobs, as opposed to a fixed salary position with one company. Many musicians and artists use this mode of working alongside other workers, such as mechanics, contractors, taxi drivers, and more.

How To Enter The Gig Economy!
Entering the gig economy has never been easier - either as a company or an individual looking for work. Using FieldEngineer.com as a platform, you can post your services out to any potential customers. Choosing a safe and reliable platform to offer your services on is essential, as it helps you avoid dodgy deals or unsafe working environments.

If you are an expert in your field and are looking for more freedom in your life, try entering the gig economy using a reliable platform like Field Engineer.

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