Who Will Be On The Cover of NBA 2K21

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NBA 2K21 is geared towards the next generation of consoles, and although there are no known cover characters, there are still some good options.

Becoming a cover athlete in video games has become a lofty honor in sports. In many cases, NBA 2K20 MT participates in game development by influencing the development direction of new games. For example, for Madden, the cover athlete is Lamar Jackson, which means that Madden 21’s ball carrier dynamics will be more valued.

For NBA 2K21, cover athletes may change some game mechanics and focus on moving forward. Three-pointers like Steph Curry are cover players, which means that NBA 2K will need a free-flowing dribbling mechanism and can jump from any type of ability. At the same time, Kawhi Leonard as a cover athlete will mean that defensive lock-in is a priority.

Someone has hinted who will be the next cover athlete, but nothing has been confirmed. NBA 2K21 was exposed in a large number of PS5 releases last week, and the game looks impressive. Many athletes can steal the show as the cover of the next NBA 2K.

Zion Williamson is the best cover player in NBA 2k21. Zion has been used as a propaganda player for the game because the NBA 2K21 reveal is the engine picture of a New Orleans Pelican rookie dunking in the gym. Zion is not only a game player in the reveal game, but also records that he is working with the 2K team and announced the reveal information of the game.

The amount of detail in the video indicates two points. First, this game seems to be very beautiful on the next generation of products. Second, Zion Williamson himself looks as accurate as possible. When a developer puts a lot of energy into 2K21 MT, and the player is the one who announced the new game, it probably means that he will become a cover athlete.

Since Kobe Bryant's unfortunate death in January, the choice of "Black Mamba" to become the legendary version of NBA 2k21 has been an ongoing theory. Although he has been the cover character of the basketball series before, even the cover character of the "Legend Edition" NBA 2K17 makes it reasonable for him to appear on the cover again.

Eventually, the combination of Zion Williamson and Kobe Bryant may become the athlete who won the NBA 2K21 cover honor. But no matter who chooses, the 2K series has many choices this year and in the future.