What are the things has to keep in mind while writing a dissertation?

Before you start to research a topic for your dissertation there are many things you need to consider before that.

Before you start to research a topic for your dissertation there are many things you need to consider before that.

1- Listing

- Before Selecting a particular should make a list of topics that are related to your field of study. Thereafter you can select the topic as per your interest and convenience. 

2- Selecting a topic


A good topic will not only be engaging for the readers but also gives you the ability to do better research and will be more engaging for you to write about it.


Chose a topic of your knowledge and interest – You need to be passionate about the topic you choose. If you lack interest then you might not be well aware of that, later on, it will affect your speed of work. Moreover, you should always consult your professor or mentor before selecting a topic.


Narrowing down a topic -  Choosing a topic can be difficult but later on, brainstorming is used to narrow down a more broad topic. it is an important step in the research process. you start with all possible topics and narrow them down until you are focused on your interest. and now you are in a position able to tell precisely what you want to find out, instead of just doing just for the sake of academic pressure.


Methodology- There are a variety of methods and It is upon you that what type of method you want to use for your research. The methodology must link back to the literature to explain why you are using a particular method. And it should be well structured.


Make a proper schedule and stay focused - You need to stay focused during the period you are working on your dissertation writing as it is a continuous process. You will have to continuously read about your topic and gather as much information as you can. You will have to make a proper schedule and divide your time accordingly so you can give an ample amount of time for research and writing and then editing your dissertation. 


Be in touch with your mentor – You should always be in touch with your mentor be it your professor or teacher because they are the person with a lot of experience and knowledge. They can advise you in every step of your writing process.


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