Vintage style furniture

Vintage furniture is not very popular these days. Most of the interiors are designed in minimalism, high-tech style or classic. The main feature of vintage is the use of outdated pieces of furniture or, if you like, "antique".If you know how to correctly enter such sofas, armch

For example, here is a vintage-style table in the photo. It seems that it was just taken out of the dusty basement, where it stood for 100 years. However, against the background of a white wall and in a place with a modern beautiful vase, it looks very unusual and beautiful. This is what is called vintage in its direct manifestation. We do not stop and go further.

Here we have a whole interior made in this style. In particular, the armchair and cabinet in the background are vintage furniture that fits perfectly into the overall interior. The result is a stylish and light design, it is pleasant to be in such a room.

I do not know what this item is called, but I want to say the word "lounger". But not the point, the main thing is that IT is made in a vintage style and fits perfectly into the "shabby" interior of the house.

And here is a very unusual sofa that differs from modern models. In principle, it is also modern, but made in such a way that it seems very old and ancient. The vintage style is exactly what it implies in its definition. Notice the newspaper wallpaper and the old wooden floor in the huge crevices. I don’t know about you, but personally it seems to me that the designer here is too clever with the "obsolescence" of the interior.

If the previous photos literally radiated "antiquity", then this interior with a white sofa looks modern. But still, it is implemented in a vintage style: here there is a rough wooden table without any finishing, and a wooden shabby floor, awkward shelves against the wall, slightly worn walls and a sofa that goes well with them.

There was no talk about the kitchen yet, here it is. The only thing that allows us to judge: an old vintage cabinet against the wall ... and the wall itself is a little shabby. But the chairs and the table are modern, but they are in perfect harmony with the old wardrobe.

The photo shows 3 objects in this style at once: a chair, a chest of drawers and an unusual decor item - a lamp. Against the background of a brown wall, they all look perfect, combine with each other and the general idea of ​​the interior.

We have already described the living room, but it's okay if we show another example. Immediately look at the table located right in the center of the room - it is the "backbone" that immediately attracts attention. It is vintage like the dresser in the corner and the chair by this dresser. All these pieces of furniture against the background of white and slightly worn walls look good and go together. The living room itself turned out to be bright and very cozy.

This photo was literally custom-made to showcase the vintage style to the viewer. Every piece of furniture and decor here is vintage: armchairs, lamps by these armchairs, a table with decorative elements on it, dark cabinets and even paintings "in a modern way". This is not a real interior, but clearly demonstrates the peculiarities of the style

A wardrobe with characteristic scuffs, the same chair next to it and a plank floor with visible lines - typical of the vintage. In this case, all attention is paid to the wardrobe and the wall - against its background, a snow-white piece of furniture for storing clothes is stylish in a modern way, despite the visual antiquity of its appearance.

Since we started talking about individual pieces of furniture, and not interiors as a whole, here's a beautiful armchair with an unusual vintage color scheme. However, not only the colors are important, but also the shape of the chair itself, and to a greater extent - its legs. The beautiful color of the walls goes well with the chair itself. Or rather, this chair is combined with the color of the walls, and as a result, the idea of ​​a vintage interior becomes complete.

And here is a very unusual room: a strange table (made of pallets?), An unusual armchair with a red pillow on it. This separate reading nook is definitely vintage and quirky.

A snow-white workplace, where every piece of furniture has been artificially obsolete. In general, it turned out to be a great workspace in a vintage style.

What conclusion to draw from all this? Vintage style has no clear rules and definitions. This is real creativity, not available to all designers. To make a beautiful interior, while using naturally or artificially aged pieces dressing table of furniture, you must have a sufficiently developed imagination and subtlety of taste. Remember: the line between a real vintage style and a "collective farm" is thin, and it is very important not to cross it when implementing an interior idea.

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