How to Write an Academic Paper?

It is a genre that compels the academic article writer to submit it to a journal, whether as part of a course.

 It is a genre that compels the academic article writer to submit it to a journal, whether as part of a course. However, it is possible to quickly prepare any academic article in three stages. Once you understand how to write an academic paper,

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things get easier for you. Let's learn how to write an academic article in the fastest and easiest way.

Academic Article Writing Stage 1: Plan Well

To write a good academic paper, you need to have a good plan. The more time you spend on your preliminary work and planning, the faster your article will appear.

Decide on the Study You Will Write Your Article on

First of all, determine the work on which your article will be written. If you've written a thesis, done a project, or been part of the research, you can turn them all into an academic paper.

Create an Article Template

Before you start writing your article, create a template based on the work you have chosen. If you are new to the article template, you can examine similar studies in the literature structurally.

Master the Literature

Always scan the literature at the planning stage of the article. Before you start writing an article, you need to be familiar with the literature on that subject. To do this as quickly as possible, you can do a retrospective reading by selecting current articles in the literature and finding the studies in their bibliography.

Academic Paper Writing Phase 2: Start Writing

The fastest way to write an academic article is to start writing it as soon as possible. The smaller you write your article, the easier it is to progress. But you need to know that this work starts with your first time at the desk.

Write the Methodology Part of the Article First

The most important part of a study is its methodology. Articles with good methodology are good, while articles with bad methodology are bad. So if you start your article by writing a solid methodology first,

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your article will have a solid foundation.

It shows how reliable the study is in the methodology part of the articles. So it answers two main questions;

  1. How data is collected
  2. How the data is analyzed

When describing how the data was collected and analyzed, be sure to explain why you chose a certain method and followed certain procedures. In the methodology section of your article, the reader should see that data collection and analysis are carried out in ways that are accepted in the field.

Snap Literature on a Template

One of the most important secrets to writing a good article is knowing how to create a good template. You can follow these steps to create the template:

  • Note down the repetitive approaches, arguments, and study results that you have read in the literature.
  • Make a brief note of these on a piece of paper or Excel/Word file to discuss in your article.
  • Include articles in the literature that you find supportive or rebuttal to these approaches, arguments, and study notes, along with short notes along with their references, into your template.

When your template is complete, all the points you will discuss in your article should be in front of you with their relevant references.

Write the Introduction, Conclusions, Discussion, and Abstract Sections of the Article in Order

  • What you need to tell in the introduction part of the article; why the question you are trying to answer in this article is important, what is currently missing in the literature, what is your purpose in doing the study, and what are your study questions.
  • Objectively report the primary findings that answer your research questions in the conclusions section of the paper. Identify secondary findings, if any.
  • State the main finding in the discussion section of the article and discuss it in comparison with the results in the literature. Explain the limitations and application areas of the study. Propose to work for the future.
  • The abstract of the article should tell everything about an article in a few lines. Therefore, in this section, summarize the main sections in a flow, briefly share the context, the study questions, the problem you are working on,

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    what is known and missing in this area, your participants, and your findings.