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Sattar Khan opening pipe was known as Taj Street in the old days. Some parts of this neighborhood were also known as Alstom Electricity. It is mentioned in various sources that the late Haj Mohammad Alamdar had an important responsibility in the construction of this neighborhood.

As the population grew, the gardens and land of this neighborhood became habitable. After the revolution, the name of the street was changed to Al-Ansh. The name is in memory of "Sardar Sattar Khan" and in honor of his efforts in relation to the constitutional movement. A side street in this neighborhood close to Sadeghieh neighborhood is also registered as his old friend Baqer Khan.

Structure of Sattar Khan neighborhood
This area is the highway connecting the west and east of Tehran Acetate, so car traffic in this neighborhood is high and reaching Sattar Khan neighborhood is important for other neighborhoods. Due to the number of cars, the gathering of various stores in this neighborhood near Sadeghieh has turned into a lively neighborhood, and the shops provide services most of the day and night, which is one of the reasons for the expansion of buying and renting apartments.
In this neighborhood, luxury and newly built apartments and villas have been built nearby. Although most people are more inclined to renovate their old house than the old one, it is still possible to see old houses.

Sattar Khan opening pipe

Options of Sattarkhan neighborhood
Apart from achieving the neighborhood of Sattarkhan, the opening pipe has many other conditions for living and buying a building. Shops, schools, commuting conditions, and so on have all made life easier for people in this neighborhood, and you may not feel a bit of a store in this neighborhood, which is an important issue for people looking to buy and rent a home. The restaurants in Sattar Khan neighborhood are also very famous.

Access conditions of Sattar Khan neighborhood
Access to Sattarkhan pipe opening neighborhood is very convenient and you can go to other areas of the capital in a short time. Shadman metro, which is located in lines 2 and 5 of Tehran metro, is located in this area. Therefore, travel to areas with a metro station is easily possible.

The BRT line of South Terminal - Afshar Terminal and Azadi Terminal - Tehranpars is also in Tohid Square in the same area. Three bus lines Haft Tir-Sadeghieh Square Haft Tir-Azadi and Valiasr Square-Sadeghieh Metro also pass through this neighborhood. Due to this, taxis also cross this street to Jomhouri, Haftir and Sadeghieh neighborhoods.

It is also a good neighborhood for those who travel by car. This neighborhood is not within the scope of the traffic plan and it is easy to go to the highways of Jinnah, Chamran, Yadegar Imam, Jalal Al-Ahmad and Azadi Street.

Sattarkhan neighborhood shopping market
From the conditions of Sattar Khan opening pipe neighborhood, it can be said that it is close to Sadeghieh. Therefore, it has access to Sadeghieh shopping centers. However, this street itself has a shopping market so that people can more easily provide the equipment they need.

The most important shopping center of this neighborhood is the old bazaar, which has 300 commercial units of various kinds and attracts a large number of people with its impressive space. All over the street, various models of shops are ready to provide services. Mofid commercial complex in Shadman street is also one of the good shopping markets in this neighborhood.

In the continuation of the article, we will discuss the opening of pipes in Sattar Khan.

Sattar Khan opening pipe

Sattar Khan opening pipe
The service staff of Lule Yar Services Company uses separate springs in order to pay attention to the hygienic points and to remove the clogging of the pipes. For example, using a spring that is used to open the blockage of the toilet pipe, should not be used for kitchen or bathroom pipes.

Sattarkhan opening pipe using spring
The opening pipe of Sattar Khan in Tehran is shaped by the service staff of Lule Yar Company without any dirty work and without damage.

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Sattar Khan 24/7 opening pipe
The blockage of the pipes is likely to be halved at any moment, and you friends in the Sattar Khan pipe opening area of ​​Tehran need the help of a pipe opener 24 hours a day. Within 15 minutes, we will send our experienced service personnel to your location to solve the problem of pipe blocking immediately and without noise.

Sattar Khan opening pipe

Unblocking the bathroom pipe in Sattarkhan neighborhood
Blockage of the bath pipe occurs when either the volume of the pipe is small or it is possible to block the objects and the accumulation of fat and sediment in the bath pipe in the opening well of Sattar Khan.

What is the way to open the blockage of the bathroom pipe?

In order to remove the blockage of the bathroom pipe, leave this operation with the hands of our experienced and professional Sattarkhan opener pipe with a comfortable mind, so that they can solve your problem completely by using a generator and an electric spring device.


What is the solution to remove clogged kitchen pipes?

Unclogging the kitchen floor pipes and under the sink, washing machine and washing pipe, leave it to our forces to remove the clogging of the kitchen environment without sprinkling with the Sattar Khan opening pipe machine and cutting the sediments inside the pipe.

Removing the closure of the Iranian toilet sewer pipe in Sattarkhan neighborhood
Sattar Khan opening pipe

Closing of the Iranian toilet pipe mostly occurs with the use of paper towels and closing of the Iranian toilet siphon occurs when the pipe blocking devices fall and get stuck.

What is the method of resolving the clogging of the Iranian toilet pipe?

This model

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